Tamao Nakahara speaking at DevRelCon London 2018

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Tamao Nakahara

Head of Developer Experience | Weaveworks

Tamao Nakahara

Tamao Nakahara is head of developer experience at Weaveworks and co-organizes DevRelCon London's San Francisco sister event.

Tamao has over 20 years of DevEx, ecosystem alliances, and event experience. Previously, she was director of developer relations at New Relic, ran open source community programs at VMware and Pivotal for Cloud Foundry, Spring, Hadoop, RabbitMQ, and Redis, and helped customers with Oracle virtualization at VMware.


Dev experience empowering marketing

Depending on your product, business strategy, and organization, your Dev Experience or DevRel members will have varying responsibilities and org relationships with your Marketing members. This talk covers situations in which DX can help to distribute knowledge and responsibilities by empowering Marketing. Whether DevRel is its own org or part of Marketing, having a portion of DX strategy being dedicated toward internal empowerment can improve innovation and ultimately the end users’ experience of the product and community.

This talk will cover strategies such as maintaining an internal training series, creating technical content that is accessible and unintimidating, creating programs for Marketing to create its own content, and designing different levels of messaging so that anyone in the company can be comfortable promoting the company and product. A key part of this is addressing emotions by helping each person be just comfortable enough with a healthy level of imposter syndrome.


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