Martyn Davies speaking at DevRelCon London 2018

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Martyn Davies

Senior Developer Advocate | Nexmo

Martyn Davies

Martyn is a Senior Developer Advocate at Nexmo. He’s been working as a technology advocate since 2012 and has also spent time educating and empowering developers at Algolia and SendGrid.

With a background as a creative developer, product manager, and hack day organizer with first-hand experience in doing so at the BBC and Universal Music. He is also a serial mentor on many accelerator programs throughout Europe, sharing his knowledge on building tech products with early-stage startups.


Design your content strategy with data

Writing technical content is great, and it’s even better if what you put out into the world finds an audience and is well received. Timing and context can have a huge impact on whether that happens.

Having a content strategy is important, and ensuring that you manage a spread of topics that can capture new views as well as supporting existing users is a tough balancing act.

Although it isn’t an exact science, making decisions with data to back them up will always give you a greater grounding when it comes to thinking about what to write, who to write it for and when to publish.

Additionally, data-backed decisions will always be favoured by executives and give you much more power to pursue a strategy the way you want.

In this talk, we’ll look at what areas of your business can provide you with data points to work with, both retrospectively and in real time. We’ll look at how these can be captured and analysed and discover how to use the results to help define a content strategy that is both informed and reactive to user demand.

The aim of this talk is to inspire the audience to reach beyond their usual ‘write it, publish it’ approach and to help them understand that there can be a goldmine of data just waiting to be sifted through that can surprise you, and most importantly, provide inspiration when the dreaded writer’s block sets in.


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