Mário Araujo speaking at DevRelCon London 2018

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Mário Araujo

Director of Developer Relations | OutSystems

Mário Araujo

Mário is a software geek, professional learner, growth hacker, and a father, hellbent on improving everything around him. (Not his kid, she’s already amazing.)

He started at OutSystems as a software consultant back in 2005 and has since worked in Services, Training, Sales, Engineering, Marketing, Product Management, and all the way back to Marketing again. Some say he’s akin to Mr. Wolf – the ultra-efficient problem-solver from Pulp Fiction – given his aptitude to fix problems. Rumor has it that at one point the CEO didn’t even know who he worked for, even after explicitly appointing him to a certain position.

Mário Araújo now leads the Developer Relations team at OutSystems. For once, the CEO is quite sure of that.


Driving dev rel strategy with OKRs

During the last four years, the OutSystems community has grown tremendously. Developer Relations, as a strategic discipline, happened by chance a little over two years ago, when the company decided to focus seriously on building community. This session’s all about how we sustainably grew from a lone DevRel ranger to a team of around 20 people spread across the globe, all the while keeping everyone focused and contributing to our goals, with a little help from a great methodology.

When we started this endeavor, everyone we talked to, every book we read, every session we attended, were all about building open-source communities – while we were trying to do it in the enterprise space, which caters to different motivations and drivers.

Looking back, we know how much of a part DevRel played in our community’s growth, but the fact of the matter is that it all started with a “team of one”, a non-open-source product, no executive sponsorship, and a company which moves at an extremely high pace. In sum, all the ingredients for spectacular failure.

Yet we persevered, selling the idea to management, executing fast, and demonstrating results.

So, how do you drive the strategy that keeps the team focused on their goals? What are the metrics that we communicate and constantly improve upon? Learn from our mistakes and accomplishments, as I share how we used Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), the goal-setting methodology coined at Intel and of Google fame, to drive a concerted strategy that enabled us to empower the growth of our community.


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