JJ Kass speaking at DevRelCon London 2018

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JJ Kass

Head of Developer Programs | Dropbox

JJ Kass

JJ Kass is the Head of Developer Programs at Dropbox, focused on helping developers build powerful integrations that connect their products with Dropbox’s 500 million registered users and 300,000 Dropbox Business teams.

JJ is responsible for the end to end experience of Dropbox’s more than 500,000 developers, including enablement, education, communication, and community. Since joining Dropbox in 2013, JJ has worked on many teams and projects, including revenue productivity, enterprise strategy, user operations, and product.


Dev rel and enterprise sales –– an unlikely partnership

Dev Rel teams in SaaS companies tend to focus on two key areas: building a vibrant developer community and cultivating 3rd party integrations to deliver customer value. We've noticed that few dev rel teams consider the developers inside their customer base in their evangelism efforts. But, this should be a key audience. When developers integrate your product into their company’s internal and external workflows it increases your value and stickiness.

Come learn how the Dev Rel team at Dropbox works with their Sales and Business Development teams to ensure they are evangelizing the Dropbox APIs, partners, and platform with their prospects and customers.


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