James Governor speaking at DevRelCon London 2018

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James Governor

Analyst and co-founder | RedMonk

James Governor

James Governor is co-founder of RedMonk, the only developer-focused industry analyst firm.

Based in London, he advises clients on developer-led adoption, open source, community and technology strategy. He also runs Shoreditch Works, a co-working space for cloud infrastructure start-ups.


Empathy for The Devil

One of the growing pains in companies, notably for individual developer relations people, is how to maintain the human side of a community while also scaling up. Is scale the enemy of empathy, though? What happens when the company gets big, and starts doing stuff that does indeed look a little evil?

In this talk, James Governor will talk about what he's learned as an advisor working on developer relations programs with companies big and small. How can companies build programs that reflect well on their culture, challenge them to do better, and don't burn out their employees? Some companies focus on developer experience, others developer advocacy, others in the field dev relations - all three have a role, what's the difference, and how can be they be applied in the service of building stronger more resilient communities.


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