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DevRelCon: a conference about developer relations, developer experience, developer community, APIs and developer marketing. November 7th and 8th, 2018, London.

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Join professionals from across the world to learn and share about how to build developer communities and products that developers love.

We'll have three days of developer relations, community, marketing and developer experience talks and networking. Whether you're building APIs, tools, communities or a developer go-to-market plan you need to be at DevRelCon London.

On day one we have an unconference with limited availability, so get your tickets early. On day two, we have a full conference day. On day three we'll have training sessions from leading dev rel experts (details to come).

To participate in DevRelCon, you agree to abide by our code of conduct.

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The amazing speakers at DevRelCon London 2018.

DevRelCon London: developer relations, developer experience and developer marketing. 7th and 8th November 2018, London.

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Training workshops at DevRelCon

Join us on November 6th in London for a day's training covering developer relations strategy, developer experience and developer content marketing.

Matthew Revell

Matthew Revell


Morning After lunch

Developer relations and community strategy part 1

Effective developer relations strategies don't come out of nowhere. In this session, you'll learn how to get the best return on investment by building a well thought out strategy. In the morning we'll look at the different developer relations strategy archetypes.

Developer relations and community strategy part 2

In the afternoon, we'll learn how to build your own developer relations strategy, from segmentation to creating the right strategic programmes.

Cristiano Betta

Cristiano Betta


Morning After lunch

Developer experience part 1

Developer experience is important, but how do we even start to create the right experience for every developer. Here we’ll look at the developer journey and how we can cater our product and its documentation around the needs of any developer.

Developer experience part 2

After lunch, Cristiano will continue his session on developer experience.

Adam DuVander

Adam DuVander


Morning After lunch

Developer content marketing part 1

Content marketing is a scalable and effective way to reach developer audiences. In this track, Adam DuVander will show how to create and execute a developer content marketing strategy

Developer content marketing part 2

After lunch, Adam will continue his session on developer content marketing.

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