Haider Ali speaking at DevRelCon London 2018

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Haider Ali

Software Engineer | APImatic

Haider Ali

Haider works at New Zealand based start-up APIMatic on their CodeGen project.


An API Spec driven developer experience journey

With the wide adoption of the API Specification as the single source of truth and the center stage of most API endeavors, it is only fitting for it to be the engine behind fixing the Developer Experience woes of API providers.

In this talk, Haider will walk you through the journey of achieving top-notch Developer Experience by maximizing the use of the API Specifications.

First, he will talk about the components that make a Developer Experience great. Then he'll walk through the improvements and additions that can be made to API Specifications that leads to great Developer Experience components. Following that, he’ll dive into using the specification to generate Guides, Documentation, SDKs and Code samples, and will compare the different tooling out there that can help you achieve that. Finally, he’ll highlight the advantages of automatic generation of these components over manually creating them and will present an internal case study on how they’ve used that at APIMatic.

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