Elmer Thomas speaking at DevRelCon London 2018

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Elmer Thomas

Developer Experience Engineer | Sendgrid

Elmer Thomas

Elmer currently serves as the Developer Experience Engineer at SendGrid.

He leads, develops and manages SendGrid’s open source community, which includes over 24 active projects across 7 programming languages. These open source projects process billions of emails per month for SendGrid’s customers.

He also serves as Vice President of the Council for the Advancement of Black Engineers (CABE), drawing from experience as chapter president of the National Society of Black Engineers while a student at U.C. Riverside, supporting CABE’s mission to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers with PhD’s, post-doctoral training and professional engineering registrations.


Surviving 1,000+ PRs from Hacktoberfest

In October 2017, Sengrid's goal was to receive 70 PRs across their 24 open source projects during Hacktoberfest. To their great surprise and delight they received over 1,000 PRs! As a result, they learned many valuable lessons that helped them improve their open source strategies, processes and developer experience. This talk will pass along their knowledge so that your open source projects can have the most amazing Hacktoberfest of your life!


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